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Giraffes in field

Board of Directors

Safari West LIVE Production
Safari West LIVE Production
Safari West LIVE Producer's Screen
Junior Keepers
Junior Keepers
Junior Keepers
Junior Keepers
Aoudad, photo credit John Burgess
John Menth at Fundraiser
Giraffe Enrichment
Founders, Nancy and Peter Lang
Junior Keepers
Junior Keepers



Dr. Stephanie Larson, PhD, President

University of California,  Cooperative Extension and Livestock and Range Management Advisor

I have been involved with the Safari West Wildlife Foundation for 20 years. I was drawn to the Board because of my love of animals and their environments.  I have also traveled to the African savannah, and I wanted children to share these experiences.  Children should have the same unique opportunities I have had, and they can through the Foundation’s programs.  I’m active on the Foundation Board so that every child has a chance to learn about these unique animals and their surroundings. Our mission is to Create Wildlife Advocates so that our future generations understand how important it is that we protect and cherish these animals and their environments.  


Lisa Chapman, Vice President

Chair, Fundraising Committee

I have been a neighbor of Safari West and had been attending the Foundation’s fundraising events for about 7 years.  Realizing what a gift Safari West is and the amazing work the Foundation does, I was honored to join the Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2022.  After having the opportunity to experience the three programs up close and personal, I've become even more excited about the impact on children’s lives. From children in hospitals going on “virtual safaris,” to youngsters from underserved schools visiting the wildlife park due to grants from the Foundation, it warms my heart.  Then there are the young teens who commit to one weekend a month at Safari West, experiencing the wildlife, practicing animal husbandry and becoming our future stewards of conservation. I remain honored to serve as Vice President of the Safari West Wildlife Foundation’s Board of Directors and excited to grow and expand our programs.   

Paul Lomeli, Treasurer

Engineer, Keysight Technologies

I have spent a career in the technology industry working in diverse fields such as aerospace, climate research, medical, and electronics.  The work that touched my heart deeply has always been my time spent in climate research at Scripps Institute of Oceanography.  One way of positively impacting our climate is to teach the next generation about conservation of our precious resources on this planet so children can develop an appreciation of how wildlife and conservation affects us all.  I have the honor and privilege to serve on the board to support the foundation’s mission.


Dr. Willam Binder, MD, Secretary

Doctor, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

I've maintained a passion for the outdoors and wildlife throughout my life, and enjoy rock-climbing, sailing, and videography. As a close neighbor to Safari West, I am grateful for the opportunity to combine my career dedication to children with my passions for education, wildlife, and the outdoors to ultimately enrich children's lives. Our investment of time, energy, and resources serves as the testament of our hope for the future. Safari West Wildlife Foundation shepherds that hope by fostering the sacred bond between man and wildlife through its programs for children. By means of exposure, education, and moments of pure awe, the Foundation builds upon the eternal interconnectedness of man to the animal kingdom, and in doing so, protects not just our wildlife, but the future of our children as well.

Murray Bryant, Director

Building an army of advocates to conserve the wonders of wildlife and nature's environment.

Tom Croft, Director


Paul Gilger, Director


My passion for Safari West has been the rare opportunity to design structures and shelters for the animals. As for the foundation, my passion is helping children gain exposure to a world beyond their classroom.

Lauren Hill, Director

What’s not to love about the programs offered by Safari West Wildlife Foundation? The programs support disadvantaged and underserved kids in a variety of difficult situations. Exposure is a critical means from which kids can then dream and create future outcomes for themselves. The foundation provides a distinct opportunity to directly expose, engage and educate children about wildlife and conservation. As a parent in today’s technology age, it is incredible to serve and support a Foundation that enriches children’s lives through direct, in-person experiences.

Dr. Nancy A. Lang, PhD, Director

Founder, Safari West Wildlife Preserve


John Menth, Director

Teacher, Mark West Union School District

I have witnessed the Safari West magic for more than two and a half decades and it never gets old. As an educator, from the very beginning I have worked to bring this most valuable resource to children who, for whatever reason, find themselves at a disadvantage. This has been my mission, my goal, and my sole purpose for joining Safari West Wildlife Foundation’s board of directors. It’s all about the kids.  The experiences we provide, the inspiration we foster, and the lives we touch makes it all worthwhile. We should all be so lucky. 

Dr. Tom Sather, PhD, PT, Director

As a health care professional, I have seen the importance of positive mental health's contribution to the physical healing process. Healing is a challenge for children who are hospitalized. The Safari West LIVE program provides children who are hospitalized to have a live interactive tour at Safari West, to allow them to see African animals up close, learn about the animals and habitats, as well as interact with the experienced guides. This two-way live communication provides an opportunity for hospitalized children to experience a window of life outside the hospital walls. The mental health benefits of Safari West LIVE virtual tours can help to give these children insight, distraction from their routine treatments, and inspire hope. 

Pamela Swan, Director

Sonoma County Ag Open Space District

As a founding Board Member, I recall that Safari West Wildlife Foundation programs arose from the recognition that many children do not have access to wildlife and conservation experiences.  Providing direct access to Safari West's animals, environment, expert staff and conservation education can be transformative in a young person's life. Removing financial barriers to access, over the years we have seen students that have come on fieldtrips pursue wildlife education jobs, including becoming Safari West guides.  Many of our Junior Keepers continue in the field becoming conservation educators and veterinarians.  However, I believe the most important benefits are the pure joy children experience when connecting with the animals, and the awareness that we all have an important role to play in the care of wildlife and our shared habitat. 


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