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Aoudad animals
Founders, Nancy and Peter Lang

Our Founders and Safari West

In the late 1980's when Peter Lang purchased 400 rolling acres

in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains, he relocated his

small but growing collection of exotic wildlife, and converted

the former sheep ranch into a world-class conservation

breeding facility.  As Peter set to work establishing captive breeding programs for the varied and often critically endangered species in his collection, he worked closely with zoological facilities, including the San Francisco Zoo.  It was there that he met the lead curator, raptor-specialist, and his future wife, Nancy Lang. Combining their unique skills, the pair set about turning this vast swath of oak woodland into the world-class wildlife preserve it is today.

Inspiring Wildlife Stewards for Life

Safari West Wildlife Foundation was founded in 1998 as the associated non-profit wildlife advocacy to Safari West Wildlife Preserve. Working in close partnership with the

Safari West Wildlife Preserve's staff, the Foundation provides opportunities to engage educators, children and their families to become stewards of wildlife.

The Foundation funds experiences at the Safari West Wildlife Preserve

through live and online programming.

We strive to inspire school children by engaging them in

educational opportunities through direct wildlife encounters.

501(c)(3) Tax ID# 91-1837240

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