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Discover Africa

Children on a Discover Africa Trek

Program Details

The Discover Africa Program is offered to Title 1 underserved schools to enhance classroom conservation, science and biology school programs. Each 90-minute educational excursion is led by a Safari West Naturalist. Grades 3-12 encounter giraffes, primates, cheetahs, and birds from around the world.  This experience provides a conservation-focused exploration of wildlife biology, ecology, and conservation sure to spark an interest in students of all ages. The curriculum undergoes constant refinement to ensure it adheres to California State Science Content Standards.


Inspiring Wildlife Stewards for Life by supporting educators and schools in their efforts to educate about the importance, impact, and connection of wildlife to the natural world. Pre and Post education materials are provided to enhance overall education.  Schools are encouraged to submit an application, and sadly only a portion of the schools are selected due to program funding. One vision of the Board of Directors is to someday offer free access to all children.

Impacts from 2022-23 School Year:

Schools                           17 Title 1 Schools


Children                         880

School Locations:      Sonoma County, American Canyon, Napa, Ukiah, Calistoga,            Kelseyville, Woodland

Additional information for educators:

Thank you for your interest! While all students enjoy making a personal connection with wildlife, the Discover Africa program is most impactful for students in grades 3-12. Additionally, the limited funding available in support of Discover Africa means that we cannot approve every application. Acceptance decisions are  rarely based on grade level or reduced-cost lunch percentages alone. We strongly encourage you to take the time to craft a strong argument as to why your class deserves to receive a Discover Africa grant.

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