Welcome to the Wildlife Conservation Academy

The Wildlife Conservation Academy makes Safari West and it's animal inhabitants accessible to underserved kids from across the greater Bay Area! With a curated spectrum of programs on offer, we educate and inspire today's youth throughout their scholastic careers.

Junior Keepers at Safari West

Junior Keeper

Get wild as a Junior Keeper!
Step behind the scenes and learn how to manage and care for the amazing animals of Safari West.

Young people on a field trip at Safari West

Discover Africa

Bring your class and discover something wild! With a science-based curriculum and funds to subsidize your visit, it's always a good time to come to Discover Africa.

Junior Keeper Program

Circle of Conservation

We are all children of the earth (African animals and children standing on a globe)

Education, Conservation, and Exploration

The department of Research, Education, and Conservation (commonly referred to as the REC department) is our outlet for mission-focused programming. In accordance with the AZA, we believe strongly in the responsibility of zoos and aquariums not only to promote conservation but to contribute to it...

After the Fire – Safari West Survived!

The 2017 Tubbs Fire was devastating to all of us in Sonoma, Napa, and neighboring counties. As we work together to rebuild, we are overjoyed to see our friends at Safari West back on their feet. The following video perfectly captures the spirit and dedication of this incredible conservation facility. Join us in support of wildlife education and conservation consider a gift of financial support today.