Safari Summer Kid's Camp

At Camp Nyika, kids become skilled naturalists with a week's exploration of the back country of Safari West. Get the kids out of the house and into the wild! Campers hike the outer trails in search of birds, bugs, and reptiles under the warm summer sun. Along the way, they enjoy bush craft activities and science experiments designed to increase their understanding of our wild world. The daily agenda consists of a quick drive to the outer property, and a day filled with hiking around the lake with their camp counselor naturalists. Conditions are expected to be warm and dusty, and most of the plants will be in bloom, meaning pollen and allergens will linger in the air.

At Sonoma County's wildest science discovery day camp, your child steps into the safari guide role to experience the Sonoma Serengeti! Each weekly session provides five full days of wildlife learning and adventure exploring the Safari West Wildlife Preserve. This camp is a surefire way to awaken the inner naturalist in your child as discover wild creatures both native and exotic and get to know the great outdoors. Alongside a week's worth of activities, each camper also receives a souvenir hat, keepsake bush crafts, and a junior safari guide certificate!

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Safari West Animal Foundation Camp Nyika